Strategic Alliance: Rebel Lion Roars Into Partnership with Norton Motorcycles

We are thrilled to unveil our monumental partnership with Norton Motorcycles. This collaboration marks a thrilling venture into the heart of innovation and passion, uniting our strategic prowess with Norton’s iconic legacy. At the core of this partnership lies a shared commitment to precision, creativity, and a relentless drive for excellence.

Matt Jones
Matt Jones:
Working with a brand as prestigious as Norton is a testament to the advertising and creative talent within my team. I look forward to building a partnership with everyone at Norton and producing outstanding results by doing things differently.

Brand Strategy Blueprint.

At the heart of our partnership with Norton Motorcycles lies a meticulous proposition strategy, a journey into exactly what makes Norton’s passionate community tick. Through in-depth audience research, segmentation, and development, we’re diving deep to refine their tribe and craft a fully realised brand strategy. Our comprehensive approach includes detailed reports on audience segmentation, competitor analysis, market trends, and data insights, culminating in a brand workshop where ideas are forged and a full realised brand strategy framework is born.

Content Strategy Roadmap.

Aligned with Norton’s apparel/clothing launch date and subsequent product releases throughout 2024, our content strategy is poised to captivate audiences and ignite engagement. Anchored by an audience-centric content plan, our roadmap includes a meticulously curated content calendar, a diverse content creation portfolio, and a personalisation strategy that ensures every interaction resonates with Norton enthusiasts. With a keen focus on SEO optimisation and a cross-channel distribution plan, we’re maximising reach and visibility, ensuring Norton’s message reaches every corner of the digital landscape.

Accelerating Digital Domination.

As we gear up for activation, our focus will shift to implementing a comprehensive 360-degree digital setup that leaves no stone unturned. From CRM systems to analytics, ad accounts to audience measurement, our approach is both holistic and strategic. We’ll be utilising the power of CRM and email marketing to develop meaningful connections with Norton’s audience, while our analytics and data monitoring ensure that every decision is driven by actionable insights. With a keen eye on innovation and UX design, we’re creating a digital experience that excites at every turn, while our remarketing and customer retention efforts ensure that Norton remains top-of-mind long after the initial interaction. And with brand and product video/photoshoots that capture the essence of Norton’s heritage and innovation, we’re creating a visual narrative that speaks volumes, driving engagement and encouraging brand loyalty. Additionally, our loyalty & rewards system incentivises engagement, while articles and analytics provide valuable insights to inform future strategies.

Jamie Hibbard:
Norton is one of those brands that’s not just synonymous with motorcycle culture, but British culture too. I’ve wanted to work with them for a long time, so that it’s finally happening is a dream come true for me, and one that everyone at Rebel Lion is super positive about. The whole team at Norton are great, the facility they’ve built to build their bikes is on another level.

We stand at the threshold of a thrilling new chapter for both Rebel Lion and Norton Motorcycles. With our strategic expertise and Norton’s storied heritage, the possibilities are limitless. Stay tuned for the remarkable developments that lie ahead as we write the next chapter of our shared legacy.

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