A Visionary Approach to Welsh Football Marketing

Our dedication to pushing the limits of conventional advertising is evident in our ongoing partnership with the Football Association of Wales to promote the JD Welsh Cup Final for the second year running.

In our inaugural collaboration last year, we embarked on an exciting journey, combining traditional and innovative marketing approaches to generate excitement for the JD Welsh Cup Final. Our comprehensive 11-format campaign, spanning radio, rail, large format, ambient, and guerrilla media tactics, left an enduring impact on Welsh football marketing. By transforming revered landmarks like Conwy Castle and The Menai Suspension Bridge into striking advertising platforms, we established a profound connection with our audience, laying the groundwork for an unforgettable event.

Building on the triumph of our debut collaboration, this year we turned our attention to Newport and the dynamic landscape of South Wales. Our debut in the city took the form of a remarkable giant mural, marking the start of a series of guerrilla marketing initiatives. Located near the Royal Gwent Hospital, this 30-metre graffiti masterpiece pays tribute to the upcoming JD Welsh Cup and Bute Energy Welsh Cup finals at Rodney Parade.

Rebel Lion Advertising

The unveiling of this monumental mural garnered significant attention from the press, reaffirming our position as pioneers in the industry.

In addition to the giant mural, our collaboration with the Football Association of Wales extended to a breathtaking projection onto the historic Newport Castle. This awe-inspiring visual spectacle illuminated the castle’s façade. Against the backdrop of centuries-old stone, the projection brought to life the excitement and anticipation surrounding the upcoming JD Welsh Cup and Bute Energy Welsh Cup finals at Rodney Parade. This innovative fusion of heritage and modernity not only showcased our commitment to pushing the boundaries of advertising but also underscored our dedication to celebrating Welsh football in all its glory.

In partnership with the Football Association of Wales, Rebel Lion Agency remains steadfast in our commitment to pushing boundaries, fostering creativity, and delivering immersive experiences that captivate, inspire, and endure.

Stay tuned for the forthcoming full case study.

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