Where Data and Emotion Drive Precision

In the vast ocean of advertising, simply having access to data analytics platforms like Kantar’s TGI, CACI, Mintel, and Experian is merely the starting line. It’s akin to owning a high-performance sports car without understanding how to unleash its potential. But at Rebel Lion, we’re not just data collectors; we’re data interpreters. We transform numbers into actionable insights that form the bedrock of our high-performing campaigns.

People, Product, and Performance

We anchor our strategies around three core principles: People, Product, and Performance. Our deep dive into data begins with the four pillars of an effective campaign—Noticed, Helpful, Purchase, and Response.

In this model, we don’t just identify the types of media that grab attention; we quantify their effectiveness using a weighted index. This approach allows us to zero in on the precise media types that will deliver the results you’re after.

Location, Location, Location

But our approach doesn’t stop at media selection. Leveraging Experian’s location analysis tools, we can pinpoint audience types down to street level, postcode sectors, and even local authorities. This granular targeting is synced with our media strategy, allowing us to calculate the exact number of media impacts needed to achieve your desired ROI.

The Power of Sentiment

The next phase is where we truly set ourselves apart. Think of Don Draper from ‘Mad Men,’ observing a focus group through a one-way glass. Similarly, we’ve incorporated a Creative Sentiment Platform into our strategy. This innovative tool lets us present an array of creative samples to our target audience, which they rate using a straightforward, colour-coded system—green for go, yellow for caution, and red for stop.

Emotion Meets Data

This sentiment scoring is far from a gimmick; the secret sauce lets us marry emotional resonance with data-driven precision. It ensures that when we execute a campaign, it isn’t just the media that’s been chosen with surgical accuracy; the creative is equally honed to resonate emotionally with the target audience.

By synthesizing emotion and data, we offer a holistic campaign strategy that’s analytically robust and emotionally compelling. With Rebel Lion, you’re not just getting the best of both worlds; you’re getting the full spectrum of what modern advertising can be.

So, while other agencies may dazzle you with slides and superficial data analyses, we deliver data-driven, emotionally resonant campaigns that consistently outperform expectations. Data is more than just numbers; it’s the fuel that powers the Rebel Lion engine. And trust us, we know how to make that engine roar.

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