The Anatomy of a Rebel: What It Takes to Be Rebel Lion’s “Rebel of the Month”

The Rebel Mindset: A Symphony of Values

Being a rebel at Rebel Lion isn’t just about challenging norms; it’s about embodying our core values—People, Passion, Performance, Product, and Purpose. A rebel doesn’t just excel in their role; they elevate the entire ecosystem.

The Data-Driven Daredevil: Performance & Product

In a world drowning in data, rebels are the lifeguards. They don’t just collect data; they interpret it, mould it, and use it to tell compelling stories. For them, data is more than numbers; it’s the blueprint for innovation.

Emotional Intelligence: People & Passion

Rebels understand that data is just one part of the equation. The other part? Emotional intelligence. They know how to tap into the human element, creating campaigns that resonate deeply emotionally.

The Collaborative Maverick: Purpose

Rebels aren’t lone wolves; they’re pack leaders. They understand that true innovation comes from collaboration, from different minds coming together to create something extraordinary.

Meet the Rebels: Aaron, Nick, and Dan

July: Aaron, Business Development Manager: A target-smashing maestro who embodies Performance and Product. Aaron redefined our approach to market segmentation, proving that the right strategy can turn potential into performance.

August: Nick, Art Director and Chief Animator: The creative genius behind the Cardiff City TV ad, which generated thousands of ticket sales. Nick combines Passion and People, crafting visual narratives that are unrivalled.

September: Dan, Content Producer: With over 100 pieces of content under his belt, Dan is the epitome of Purpose. His work is a testament to the power of well-crafted and well-intentioned content.

Who will be the next Rebel?

Being named Rebel of the Month isn’t just a title; it’s a testament to an individual’s ability to embody our core values while pushing both personal and professional boundaries. It’s about being audacious yet calculated, creative yet analytical, independent yet collaborative.

P.S. Nick wasn’t in today, so we had to Photoshop him into the team photo. Don’t worry; he still looks as animated as ever!

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