The Brief.

Norag. A marvel of engineering, Norag is a patented venturi arrangement used predominantly in Wastewater applications. A testament to the power of simplicity and efficiency, Norag requires no operating power and is entirely devoid of moving parts. Its operation hinges on the physics of fluid dynamics, where a primary flow passes through the venturi body, drawing in fluid and solids from a secondary source and merging the flow.

The core principle of operation is based on the fluid entering the main body of Norag, known as the Convergence section, which accelerates the velocity and reduces the pressure at the throat section. The Throat houses a venturi port, the Suction leg, which serves as a vacuum draw for a secondary fluid input. The fluids converge at this juncture and proceed into the Diffuser section, where the fluid expands, and the pressure normalises. Designed to withstand the test of time, Norag is fabricated from marine-grade stainless steel, promising an impressive lifespan of 30 years.

The Outcome .

Through our methodical and iterative design process, we crafted a robust, future-proofed brand for Norag. We commenced our journey by immersing ourselves in the world of Norag, understanding its complex functionality and potential applications. Our goal was to encapsulate its innovative technology, simplicity, and longevity into a brand identity that resonates with its target audience and stands tall amidst competition.

Our creative team, in collaboration with our client, developed a brand identity that is both modern and timeless, reflecting the technical sophistication and durability of the product. The design language is minimalist, echoing the simplicity of Norag, yet striking enough to make a memorable impact.

The new Norag brand is not just a logo or a colour palette; it embodies its core values and promises. So, we’ve created a brand story highlighting Norag’s unique selling points – efficiency, longevity, and simplicity. This narrative is woven into every touchpoint, from website design to mini-docuseries, ensuring a consistent and compelling brand experience.

Through strategic brand positioning and compelling storytelling, we’ve established Norag as a leading name in wastewater applications. The result is a visually appealing, memorable brand that communicates the unique value proposition of Norag effectively.

Like the product it represents, this brand is engineered to stand the test of time, adaptable and resilient in the face of change.

Norag's brand identity by Rebel Lion, showcasing innovation and simplicity in wastewater solutions, with emphasis on sustainability and leadership





Chief Strategy Officer