The Brief.

This page illuminates just one facet of a much more extensive and multifaceted campaign, a snapshot of our strategic process and creative dynamism.

The challenge at hand? To construct a compelling, memorable campaign to deliver IMPACTS that would welcome the legendary Elton John to each city on his tour. Our first city, Liverpool – The chosen arena for this unique endeavour is the Liverpool Media Wall.

This impressive structure is a testament to the power of digital media, a grand canvas stretching across the cityscape, controlled and maintained by the innovative team at Ocean Outdoor.

Our mission was to leverage this monumental digital landscape into a beacon of warmth and familiarity, a veritable ‘Welcome Wagon’ for Elton.

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The Outcome .

Working in unison with the creative minds at Ocean Outdoor, we embarked on a journey to captivate the people of Liverpool. Our efforts culminated in a phenomenal achievement – we delivered an astounding 1.5 million impacts to the city’s residents. But our mission went beyond just numbers; we created an experience, a collective memory.

We transformed the Liverpool Media Wall into a virtual red carpet, welcoming Elton John with the love and warmth of the entire city. As the cityscape came alive with the magic of digital media, Elton’s presence was felt in every corner, every street, every home.

The sight was nothing short of mesmerizing; imagine the city pulsating to the rhythm of Elton’s music, the media wall echoing the city’s anticipation and excitement.
We didn’t merely welcome Elton to Liverpool; we orchestrated a grand symphony of sight and sound, a spectacle that echoed the spirit of Liverpool and the charisma of Elton.

It was a harmonious blend of tradition and innovation, a testament to our creative vision and strategic planning. It was a roaring celebration of music, the city, and its people. This was Rebel Lion Advertising at its finest – audacious, innovative, and impactful.

Multi-City Campaign showreel coming soon…