September has always been symbolic of transformation, which was no different at Rebel Lion. This month was charged with determination, grit, and an unwavering drive, and every day marked a breakthrough, challenges that tested our mettle, and victories that will be discussed for months. From awe-inspiring growth figures to moments of camaraderie and introspection, the Rebel Lion journey this September was nothing short of epic.

We saw A&R Services metamorphose into Always Responsive Commercial Cleaning, a strategic and visionary transformation. Curious? Dive into their new story at Always Responsive.

Our collaboration map expanded this month, with partnerships with notable names like Cardiff City FC, St Joseph’s Hospital, Road Hounds, Tiger Fuel, and CPS Group. The journey continues, and the path is only upwards!


Our escapade to Golf Fang in Cardiff was all about the spirit of Rebel Lion – it was more than just golf; it was about unity and shared triumphs.

At Rebel Lion, unity is the fabric of our ethos. We stand as one, unyielding and resolute, through every high and low.



We wrapped up September and Q3 with an eye-catching 644% leap in revenue and a 225% boost in profit. The momentum is palpable, and we’re swiftly moving towards the £1M benchmark, all within 17 months. On top of that, our collaboration list grew by 11 top-tier brands, spiralling our profits to over £1.5M for our partners.


Finding the balance between scaling a business and nurturing a family is a delicate dance. My 5 a.m. walks aren’t just about physical rejuvenation; they are moments of solitude, introspection, and recalibration.

AARON CORRIA (Acting CEO whilst Matt is on Holiday):


Collaborations with Cardiff City FC and Always Responsive Commercial Cleaning were the stars of September. From creative masterpieces to live football matches, the experiences were unparalleled. A deep dive into our projects is available below.


I sought rejuvenation in the serene landscapes of Malaga. A blend of delightful cuisine, refreshing drinks, and captivating interactions rekindled my spirit.

DAN JONES (Content Producer):


Our Always Responsive rebranding involved a day’s shoot that was both intensive and rewarding. Through this, we painted a visual story aligning with their core values: Responsive, Passionate, Ambitious, and Innovative.


An invite from Cardiff City FC was a highlight. Witnessing our campaign come alive in a stadium filled with roaring fans was unforgettable.

JAKE HICKS (Content Producer):


Working with CPS Group was both enlightening and rewarding. From mini-documentaries to interactive content, the experience was enriching.


Paris was the destination of choice for relaxation. The city’s charm, coupled with its fine dining experiences, was the perfect getaway.

JAMES ALLOWAY (Business Development Manager):


September was electric, from storming client meetings to integrating with the Rebel Lion team. Exciting projects are on the horizon, and I’m geared up for them.


The month brought the joy of seeing my son, Alfie, scoring his first winner of the season in a nail-biting football match.

JAMIE HIBBARD (Creative Director):


A trip to Louisville, Kentucky with our client Road Hounds was a mix of work and play. Managing social media content live at a music festival and witnessing a staggering engagement increase was the cherry on top.


A chapter closed this month as my wife and I bid farewell to our cherished village pub.

JO MANIATT (Client Account Director):


Supporting St Joseph’s Hospital campaign was both professionally rewarding and personally significant. Collaborating with Always Responsive and establishing solid relationships has set the stage for continued success.


A weekend away in Devon with close friends, margaritas in hand, and a swim spa was the perfect recipe for relaxation.



The Cardiff City FC vs. Swansea City FC advertising campaign was a creative marathon, culminating in an outpouring of well-received content across multiple platforms.


September heralded new beginnings as I moved into my new home and delved into intense DIY projects.

With every tale of triumph, every challenge conquered, and every milestone achieved, September was indeed a month to remember for Rebel Lion. As we look ahead, we’re charged with optimism and an undying spirit to push boundaries even further. Onwards!

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