The Art of Crafting a Data-Driven Media Plan: A Case Study


In the ever-evolving landscape of advertising, data is the cornerstone. But how do you turn this raw data into a strategic media plan that truly resonates? This case study unpacks our meticulous methodology, using a recent Out-of-Home (OOH) campaign as a lens. We’ll guide you through each phase, from initial research to the final rollout, all while maintaining client confidentiality.

Phase 1: Audience Research

35 Minute Drive Time Around the Client’s Point of Interest

Our first step is a comprehensive audience analysis. Using Experian Location Analyst, we identify individuals within a 35-minute drive time radius around the client’s point of interest who have purchased tickets for live entertainment, theatre, and concerts. This data is segmented by postcode, offering a granular snapshot of market appetite.

Phase 2: Profiling with Mosaic

Experian Mosaic Groups Ticket Purchasers

We add another layer to our strategy by running a Mosaic UK 7 analysis. This zeroes in on Experian Mosaic Groups like Prestige Positions and Rental Hubs. Our analysis often reveals additional impactful groups, such as Domestic Success and Family Basics, providing more avenues for targeted engagement.

Phase 3: Deep Dive into Experian Mosaic Groups

Prestige Positions & Rental Hubs

We focus on these Experian Mosaic Groups, sorting them by audience size per postcode. To ensure impactful targeting, we exclude sectors with fewer than 1,000 individuals.

Phase 4: Media Consumption Habits

Index Media Consumption Habits

Even though our campaign is OOH-focused, we’re big believers in a holistic approach. That’s why we also index how our Experian Mosaic Groups interact with various media platforms. This data informs our broader strategies and keeps us ahead of the game.

Phase 5: Crafting the Media Plan

Index-Driven Media Plan

This is where theory turns into action. We calculate a weighted index for each media platform to ensure optimal budget allocation. While the focus is on OOH, we’ve included a hypothetical multimedia plan to show what a diversified strategy could look like.

Phase 6: Budget and Location

OOH Budget and Location Calculation

We revisit our Experian Mosaic Groups to calculate the weighted OOH spend for each postcode sector. This is tailored according to the quantity of the Experian Mosaic Groups we are targeting (Prestige Positions & Rental Hubs) present in each respective postcode sector and district. We then align their precise weighted index to the media consumption of OOH, ensuring we target the most effective platforms and maximise ROI within said postcode sector.

Phase 7: The Final Schedule

Your Media Schedule

The final step in our meticulous process is the assembly of an all-encompassing media schedule. This master document is a tour de force, meticulously detailing every facet of the campaign—from start and end dates to expected reach and impact. It even incorporates the weighted index aligned to the media consumption of OOH spend for our targeted Experian Mosaic Groups, Prestige Positions & Rental Hubs, within each respective postcode sector. This ensures we’re not just planning but strategically engineering a campaign for maximum ROI

Phase 8: Seamless Client Experience

End-to-End Service with Real-Time Access

One of the hallmarks of our approach is the seamless experience we offer our clients. From the initial data research to planning, analysing, and buying, we handle every aspect of the campaign. Once the plan is agreed upon, our booking confirmation process is swiftly executed via HubSpot. This creates a dedicated client management dashboard, granting real-time access to all campaign aspects and touchpoints.

Meaningful Metrics and Conversions

But we don’t stop there. Our dashboard is designed to provide not just data but insights. Clients can monitor metrics that are meaningful to them, from audience reach and engagement to conversions, all updated in real-time. This ensures that you’re not just observing the campaign but actively understanding its impact and ROI.

Conclusion: The Imperative of a Data-Driven Approach

In today’s intricate advertising ecosystem, relying solely on an agency’s experience or media owner stats is a gamble. These approaches often carry inherent biases, skewing towards their own offerings.

Rebel Lion stands apart with our commitment to an unbiased, data-driven, and methodical strategy. Our weighted index-driven approach to audience and location campaigns is backed by data from world-leading platforms such as Experian and Kantar. All reports and hard data are readily available for complete transparency, ensuring you’re not just taking our word for it.

We are more than just a creative media buying and planning agency; we are masters of audience analysis. By partnering with Rebel Lion, you’re choosing a strategic ally committed to maximising your ROI through a meticulously crafted, data-driven media plan.

Final Note: The Power of Precision, Regardless of Budget

For this client, with a budget of just £5430, our methodology delivered a campaign that reached 788,129 individuals five times each, generating a staggering 4.1M impacts. It’s not just about throwing money at a campaign; it’s about making intelligent, data-driven decisions that yield tangible results.

So, regardless of your budget, you can reach the right audience every time with Rebel Lion’s data-driven approach. Our commitment to transparency, backed by hard data from world-leading platforms like Experian and Kantar, ensures that you’re not just spending, but investing in a strategy that maximises ROI

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